Concert Reviews

Matt & Kim at the Ogden Theatre, 11/02/12


Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are no joke. Really. The two of them have a reputation to uphold, garnered by countless rave reviews -- and uphold that reputation they have. And then some. With a face-fucking set at the Ogden, Matt & Kim completely wrecked us. They know exactly what to play and when to play it, and they continue to be a force on stage. Their energy is on another level, as is their music.

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Playing a ton of material from their latest album, Lightning, the two gave plenty of play to that, but also threw in some classics for good measure, cuts like "Good Ol Fashion Nightmare" and the car commercial-ready "Daylight." The crowd went nuts when they did it not once, but twice.

You have to hand it to these two. Just one guy and one girl, and they command the stage like they were born on it. They met in college not even knowing how to play instruments and now this? Awesome. The two of them made the stage seem like a Disney on Ice escapade, as they seamlessly shot through songs with vitriol and precision. What they asked for a few songs was audience participation, and what they got was nothing less than cooperation. Thousands reveled in a flawless set.

And there was balloons.

Drop balloons on any crowd, and, by god, you will get a response. An encore? Sure, but everyone was so busy trying to pop the balloons, it almost felt like it didn't matter. "Play Daylight," they all said.


Personal Bias: Matt & Kim have always been talked up amongst my peers. Did that sound professional? Because this probably didn't. They fucking killed it.

Random Note: Kim's body is insane. She has the kind of physique wish you had. Drummers.

By the Way: Oberhofer was an opening band, and by this we mean not so many people cared. Four or five guys singing about breaking up with their girls? We could have got that cheaper at any other venue in Denver. This is not a dig at their musicianship; they're decent musicians, but we have no shortage of those, both imports and exports.

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B.A. Frederick