Meet Kev Kash, a promising new local rapper

Kev Kash is a rising talent from the local scene who has songs with the likes of Innerstate Ike, Myrical and Mr. Midas. Kash says 2Pac is his biggest influence, but he says his style is comparable to Lupe or Kendrick Lamar. We recently caught up with the rapper, who has a new record coming out titled Moon Light Grind Vol. 1. Keep reading to get a sneak peek of the new album and to find out more about Kash.

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Westword: When did you realize you wanted to rap?

Kev Kash: At a young age I was interested in music as well as entertainment, which, in my eyes, run hand in hand. I started out with poetry at the age of eight and eventually started putting my lyrics to industry instrumentals eighth grade year.

What was the name of your first project?

Crazy thing about it is I have good amount of material that creates a good portfolio, if you ask me. I have an unreleased mixtape, Men Of Business Vol. 1, which I recorded in California with Ralo Stylez. As of now, I'm actually putting together an LP entitled Moon Light Grind Vol. 1, as well as a joint project titled Kash N' Deedz The Mixtape. I have to apologize for the wait: All things are perfected with time, and that's what I'm working on -- the perfection of the material I present to the audience willing to listen with an open ear.

Who have you enjoyed recording with?

I've enjoyed working with the artists coming from the town for the simple fact that they have watched me grow as an entertainer, and we all feel that our time is approaching. I must admit I'm pretty confident in my material and the people I've had the chance to work with as well. If you ask me, that's what brings out the best.

Who do you sound like? Who do you think you are comparable to?

I would have to say I can't limit myself as an artist to just one comparison, but the message sent and the response received from the material I released, I would say I'm placed in the Lupe, Kendrick Lamar genre of hip hop, with the likes of Pac, due to the fact he is for sure the biggest influence on my material still to this day.

What is your creative process like?

Everything that I put together comes from the heart. So how I feel, what I see and what I'm going through has a lot to do with the material I put to together. So there's no specific process -- just present it as it comes.

What new projects do you have coming out?

Be on the look out for the Moon Light Grind LP with various producers, such as EC3, Mike Gangsta, Trugga Beats, Michael Hancock, as well as Ralo Stylez, also with a good line up of features from Myrical, CeCe Love, Trev Rich, Ike to name a few from the town, and some Cali connections made as well.

Men Of Business Vol.1 is still going to hit the streets, and Kash N' Deedz the Mixtape will be hitting the streets real soon. Majority of us artist/ entertainers feel like hit singles are what they're looking for. So that's what we've been aiming at, but solid projects are needed, and I aim at delivering just that.

Who would you like to work with in the foreseeable future?

Any feature that comes my way with good business behind it, I'm on it. From the town, L- Peez is someone I look forward to working with, as well as AP, because I can relate with how they try to present the truths in their lives, from the rags to the riches.

In the game, Y.G, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar -- I mean the list could go on of people from that good music movement. Any feature sent my way I'm willing to take the time to vibe to it and see what direction I can take it.

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