Meet Laskin & Robinson: Two dudes from Kinetix branch out stylistically with a new group

Adam Lufkin and Josh Fairman of Kinetix have formed a new group called Laskin & Robinson that sounds nothing like their other band. The songs the outfit has posted thus far showcase a variety of styles, and they're done pretty well, from synthy, funk-laden hip-pop on tracks like "Ass Work" and "Top Shelf," featuring Corey Henry from Galactic and DJ CheckOne, to funk and dub-filled electro on tunes like "Falling Down," to dubstep on their remix of Ellie Goulding's "Lights." Lufkin, the 'fro-rocking portion of Kinetix, is at the forefront on guitar and vocals, while Fairman handles bass duties and shares production with Lufkin. Continue on to sample some tunes from Laskin & Robinson.

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