Meet Shady Elders, Denver's newest supergroup

Taking a Dylan-esque route of abandoning acoustic folk for mod rock, Britt Rodemich teamed up with local favorites Casey Banker -- fresh from the now-defunct Don'ts and Be Carefuls -- Miles Eichner of Tulip Wars, and Marlon Chance of Spires to form Shady Elders, an indie-rock supergroup of sorts. "Everyone in this band can write songs," says Banker of the group, performing at Lost Lake. "I've never been in a band like that. I would say this is the most talented band I've ever been in."

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Originally forming as a two-piece drums-and-guitar outfit with former Le Divorce drummer Chris Durant, Shady Elders has evolved over the last year to include the impressive lineup it has today. "I was just helping Britt," says Banker of when he began playing guitar in the band, though in time he and the rest of the gang found they had a real chemistry together, becoming more than just Britt Rodemich's backing band.

"I think we all know now what works with Shady Elders as a band," says Rodemich. "Casey has a style of writing that caters to what the Don'ts and Be Carefuls did, and I've noticed that he's streamlined what he does to be parallel to what I do. And it's the same with Miles and Marlon."

"I keep expecting the honeymoon period to end," says Marlon Chance. "But it doesn't. When I come in to this band, I feel energized."

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With a voice like a drugged Ella Fitzgerald singing to a dying lover, Rodemich delivers vibrato-soaked vocals that glide beautifully atop the band's Lo-Fi sentimentality, creating a sound of both tenderness and strength. With a handful of songs in their repertoire and an enthusiastic backing from Hot Congress, Shady Elders are in the developmental stages of recording an E.P. Until that day, we leave you with this Brass Tree Sessions live recording.

Hot Congress Presents: Shady Elders, Wire Faces, Rubedo, Guest DJ Kevin Galaxy, 10 p.m. Saturday, September 22, Lost Lake, 3602 East Colfax Avenue, 303-333-4345

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.