Meet the Jekylls, a new act featuring members of the Hollyfelds, Railbenders and Sunday Girl

If you don't already have plans for New Year's, you might want to consider starting your night off at the Skylark around 9 p.m. That's when The Jekylls, a brand-new band featuring Tony Asnicar and Graham Haworth of the Railbenders, plus Keith and Eryn Hoerig from the Hollyfelds and Jody Rodney of Sunday Girl, is slated to make its live debut.

The outfit, which we'll do our best to refrain from referring to as a "supergroup" (aw, crap -- we just did!), doesn't have anything recorded yet, but Keith tells us we can expect '60s-influenced pop. Judging from the lineup and Keith and Eryn's demo below, there's about zero chance we'll be disappointed.

Oh, and if you go, you might as well plan on putting down stakes and ringing in the New Year at the Skylark. Did we mention that Vibes on Velvet and the Hollyfelds are both also on the bill? Well, they are, and considering that the latter is getting ready to check into Silo Sound (formerly Macy Studios) to record a new full-length just after the first of the year, it's a sure bet that they'll be trying out all their new tunes.

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