Meet the Night Sweats: Saxophonist Andy Wild

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats released their self-titled debut album this Friday on the legendary Stax Records. This week's Westword cover story details Rateliff's long history in the Denver music scene. But every member of the band has been a notable contributor to the city's creative community. Over the next several days, we'll introduce you to them. 

Past Denver Bands:
Snake Mountain, Oblio Duo & the Archers, Bad Weather California, Los Dos & the New American Ramblers, Big Timber, Qui Quegs

Current Denver Bands: A. Tom Collins, Reverend Deadeye

Instrument in the Night Sweats: Tenor Saxophone

While Andy Wild was born in Memphis, he grew up in Evergreen with parents who pushed him and his siblings to play a lot of music. He started playing clarinet in fourth grade, and while he was in junior high his parents bought him a saxophone, which he played through high school and for a year while majoring in music at the University of Colorado — Boulder. But Wild says the year at CU took all the fun out of music, and he pretty much quit playing for about five years until he began playing bass and keyboards in various bands around town. About six years ago, Joe Ramirez convinced Wild to start playing sax again in the band Snake Mountain. Not long after that, Wild started his stint in A. Tom Collins, with which he plays clarinet and tenor sax. About two and years ago, Nathaniel Rateliff recruited Wild to play in the Night Sweats, and the saxophonist has been a member of the band ever since.. 
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