Metallica due at Pepsi Center on November 4

Update (8/22): Just moments ago, Metallica debuted "The Day That Never Comes," a song from the new record on its website. Meh. While we'll hold out judgement on the rest of the album, this particular tune sounds an awful lot like it could've been an outtake from Metallica (the "Black Album") to us, at least in terms of tone and texture -- despite taking a notable turn toward And Justice for All with Ride the Lightning-era riffing towards the end.

At least they're heading in the right direction.


For the perpetually shrinking minority who still care, Metallica has just announced that it will be gracing us with its presence at the Pepsi Center on Tuesday, November 4. Who knows, by then, the band may have won back the legions of fans it has alienated over the years. The new album, Death Magnetic, produced by Rick Rubin, is due out September 12 and is purportedly a return to its roots (meaning the pre-Black albums that didn't suck) -- the act has even brought back the old lightning bolt logo. Hope that's the case. I sure do miss the long haired dudes who soundtracked my middle school years.

We'll see, though, man. Death Magnetic going to have to be pretty fucking sweet to make us all forget about Lars's latent douchebaggery, exemplified best by his sanctimonious screeds against his Napster-embracing, file-sharing fans, or how the band pulled back the curtain on itself by participating in the Great Emasculation of 2004, otherwise known as Some Kind of Monster, or all the post-...And Justice for All schlock they subjected us to. -- Dave Herrera

Mission Metallica: Fly on the Wall, 08/11/08

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.