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Metric is crowd-sourcing its remix efforts. So, what do you got, Denver?

So evidently, Metric doesn't feel like tagging industry pros to do its remixes . Instead, the members of this Canadian outfit want YOU to remix them. There's reportedly some cash in it for you if your remix is picked.

Although we've seen the whole crowd-sourcing remix thing before -- Nine Inch Nails has done it, so has Dismemberment Plan -- we're pretty certain this is one of the first times we've actually see a band or label willing to drop some dough on awesome remixes.

When you decide to enter, you'll find ten different tracks to choose from, and you can download each of the songs' individual tracks. From there, there are no limits on what you end up making. So if you've always hated Metric and want to make a glitch masterpiece out of their tracks, you're more than welcome -- but you probably don't want to count on the $1,000 prize.

You can get started on your project for free -- but if you're looking for complete tracks from a song, you'll need to shell out $1.99 for the full thirty-track pack. The cool thing here is that the tracks are all creative commons attribution -- non-commercial/no derivative works -- which in human-speak means you get to keep the samples and use them for your own stuff if you'd like, as long as you're not making money on it.

If Metric is not your thing, Indaba Music is also sponsoring remix projects for both Alex Cuba and Philip Selway. Indaba isn't exactly new on the scene, but it's relatively untouched by the general population. The premise is simple: Like a specialized Facebook for working musicians, Indaba offers a highly structured means for musicians to network, collaborate and share music with other musicians.

So, what do you got, Denver? Are you up to the challenge? Even if you despise Metric, it's still an interesting proposition (in fact, we'd actually love to hear a remix from someone who hates the band). Really, though, we're just eager to hear what you're all made of. If you do submit a remix, be sure to let us know.

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Thorin Klosowski
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