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Might as well be local: Off With Their Heads

Over the past few years, Denver has seen a huge upswing in the sheer volume of touring bands coming through town. It's been great. But a weird phenomenon has been popping up: touring bands that play Denver almost as often as local bands do. What's even weirder about this phenomenon is the fact that Denver is famously off the beaten path when it comes to most bands' tour itineraries. We're constantly passed up by acts both major and minor--sometimes puzzlingly so, seeing as how Colorado has some of the most fervent and enthusiastic crowds I've ever seen across this fair country of ours.

Unless some kind of shift in spacetime happened without me knowing it, Denver is just as geographically isolated as it's always been. So why do groups like Minneapolis' Off With Their Heads play here so goddamn often? By my last count, the gruff, pop-punk four-piece has rocked the Front Range no less than ten times in the past year and a half. And sure enough, they're playing 3 Kings tonight (topped off by an all-ages show at Blast-O-Mat Wednesday). Granted, this could all be chalked up to a sturdy van and a strong work ethic on the part of these brave souls. (Also: The band is on No Idea Records, the Florida-based label that Denver's late Planes Mistaken for Stars called home for so long.)

But me? I like to think that Denver has a way of becoming a second home to wayward groups trying to scratch out a meager subsistence along the great American rock-and-roll highway. After all, we know what it's like to be overlooked--and if there's one thing I've always loved about Denver, it's the fact that we dig our underdogs. And they don't come any underdoggier than Off With Their Heads. lf you've got a few spare bucks and an inch of your liver that hasn't yet been scoured by PBR, head down to 3 Kings tonight. While you're at it, tell OWTH that the City of Denver is drawing up adoption papers.

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Jason Heller
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