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Mikael Stavostrand at Theory + Practice

The roots of Swedish techno producer Mikael Stavöstrand go back to the industrial scene of the early '90s. He later delved into experimental music and noise before finally introducing dance beats to the mix in 2001. "When I started doing minimal techno, around eight years ago, I made so-called 'clicks and cuts' music, then just added beats to it," he explains. Since then, he's evolved past that glitchy sound into a deep, funky and thoroughly weird territory all his own. On releases such as the recent Time for Romance EP, Stavöstrand evokes beautiful alien beats with barely-there melodies, eerie echoes, syncopated percussion and mangled voices. Live, he sticks to his own material, re-created, reinterpreted and remixed into a seamless whole. "I would say it's my take on techno and house. I don't really think about it too much," he explains. "I just wanna make music I like to listen and dance to." You can listen and dance to it, too, this Saturday, December 12, when Stavöstrand plays at Theory + Practice, 738 Santa Fe Drive.

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