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Mike Wird

Mike Wird is a well-known name in the local hip-hop scene. A bona fide B-boy, he's one half of Babah Wird, a member of Denver Avengerz and a producer — all wrapped up in an Adidas jumpsuit. His debut solo project, Afronaut Funk Volume 1, isn't quite as funky as expected, but its uplifting lyrics are definitely thought-provoking. There's no shortage of social commentary on the sixteen-track album. On songs such as "So Close," lines like "They appropriate our culture/Those vultures act like they own it" are aimed at both "hip-hoppers and politicians," while cuts like "Denva City," the album's standout track, takes aim at Clear Channel, Fox and kids following trends they don't understand, painting an accurate, albeit somewhat dismal, picture of our town. The album closes with "Will U Return," which starts with a powerful first verse: "I have no rap heroes/They all let me down/Most icons of culture are just slick-talking clowns." Wird's bond.

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