Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 02.11.09

Despite getting a later start because of the hockey game, which, for whatever reason, threw our rhythm of a bit, we had a decent show last night. Great guests: The guys from U.S. Pipe stopped by and gave us some insight into the making of their new record, from recording with Bill Thomas and Chris Cardone at the latter's Evergreen studio to the things they did during the sessions to make each other completely comfortable so they could turn in the best performances possible. Asma also talked a bit about the community activism the band has embarked on, specifically, the clothing and food drive happening as part of its CD release party next Thursday, which will benefit the Denver Rescue Mission. Apart from that, just more great tunes. Unfortunately, the recast will not be posted until tomorrow afternoon, in the earliest. The stream last night went screwy and dropped out in a few places, so we're going to be sewing things back together as best as we can and will post the show as soon as we can. In the meantime, as always, the playlist for last night's show is posted after the jump. Happy Thursday.

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 02.11.09

The Photo Atlas - "Jealous Teeth"
Mustangs & Madras - "Native Daughters of the Golden West"
Savage Henry - "Broken"
Lion Sized - "Lost Limbs"
Pena - "Black Tar"
Shwerver - "Two Punch"
Nightshark - "Fuhrerbunker"
James Han - "Pill #21 (for the Purging of Hunger)"
Jon Snodgrass - "Brave with Strangers"
Matson Jones - "n.e.s.f.t.o."
U.S. Pipe - "Bad Brotha"
U.S. Pipe - "Get Up"
American Relay - "Bonedry"
The Titan Courageous - "A Shipwreck Song"
Armchair Martian - "Xenophone"
The Vanity - "Vancouver Vancouver"
16 Horsepower - "Sac of Religion"
Ghost Buffalo - "Indecision"
Fear of Sleep - "Everyday's a Nightmare"

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