Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 02.18.09

We had too much fun on the show last night. Gave away a bunch of cool stuff -- tickets to the Bands You Need to Know 2 show tonight at the Marquis and CDs from Lion Sized and A Shoreline Dream -- and had a couple of great guests on. In the first hour, Rob Burleson, aka Number 3, and Josh Bergstrand from Lion Sized sat in with us (and brought sweet, sweet Girl Scout cookies in to share), and in the second hour, we had the guys from A Shoreline Dream in the studio. Talk about a great interview. Ryan Policky and company offered insight on truly doing it yourself, everything, from photography and design to recording and marketing. They also had some great stories about working with Ulrich Schnauss. After the jump, you'll find the playlist from last night's show, and when we find the time we'll get the recast uploaded for those of you who missed it.

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 02.18.09

Young Coyotes - Hell Is
Astra Moveo - Dollface
The Still City - You've Got Your Hands
The Mansfields - Lipstick Killer
Kosmos - Apocalypse
Laymen's Terms - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Lion Sized - Closed Doors
Lion Sized - Lost Limbs
Tarmints - I Do
Crooked Ways - The Elephant Really Tied the Room Together
Nicky Venom & the Vipers - You Never Listen
King for a Day - Hold On Tight
The Knew - Salvazar
We Are! We Are!
A Shoreline Dream - Hypermode
A Shoreline Dream - Departure
Kid Hum - Imagine
Dent & Babbah Fly - The Zigga Zig
Contender - Call to Arms
The Subdudes - Push & Shove

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