Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 02.25.09

Really fun show last night. Rob Burleson -- drummer extraordianaire of Lion Sized, d.biddle, the Fire Drills and sometimes Eyes & Ears -- filled in for Andy who was off exploring pyramids in Egypt or trying to find a cure for the common cold or something this week. Tall shoes to fill there, boy, and Burleson (or #3 as he's better known around here) did a admirable job and finally shared the story of how he became known by a numeral. Aside from that, we played two hours worth of the best in hand-picked local music and had a nice chat with the gentlemen of Horse, who talked about their album, recording with Dave Otero and all their years in the scene. This week's playlist is posted after the jump, and we when can find a few spare minutes, we'll get the recasts uploaded from the past few week's shows, including last night's.

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 02.25.09

In Favor of Eliza - "The Rainbow Connection"
Tyler Depres - "Paradigm"
Aloft in the Sundry - "The Creeper"
29th Street Disciples - "Saturday Night Stand"
The Outta Controlers - "Down and Out"
Eyes & Ears - "Slave Wage"
Pacific Pride - "Kenny Likes to Get Weird"
Fissure Mystic - "Breakthrough"
Wetlands - "Naked As the Ace"
Houses - "Your Ghost"
Wakely - "Suicide Note"
A Novel Form - "Team Kill"
The Epilogues - "King Arthur"
Horse - "Bullets"
Horse - "Pirhanna"
Bad Weather California - "New Religion"
The Omens - "I Need Your Love"
Worm Trouble - "Vinyl"
Hanging Tree - "Rest"
Space Team Electra - "Amnesia"
Whygee & Sunken State - "Adam and Eve"
The Pirate Signal - "I Can't Wait"
Jonathan Stark - "God Where's My Home"

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