Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 03.11.09

Ah, good to be back. After a week off, Andy and I were back behind the mike once again with two more hours of handpicked local goodness. Unfortunately, the stream was whacked again last night, so we weren't able to record the show, but as always, you'll find the complete playlist after the jump. It's too bad, really, that we don't have a recast today, because we were joined last night by Kurt Ottaway, a true icon of the Denver scene who's virtually done it all, from releasing a number of great records on his Denver Coffee Achievers imprint, to recording countless bands, to running the Tarshack, one of Denver's fabled underground spaces, to mixing countless other acts at the Climax, to fronting a trio of stellar outfits, Twice Wilted, the Tarmints and the Overcasters. Kurt, whose band is heading to SXSW next week, was the first of what will hopefully be many guests on a segment we've dubbed the Takeover, in which an active member of the scene -- be it a musician, fan or otherwise -- takes the show over for a set of songs. In addition to spinning an Overcasters track, he played and talked about tracks by the Fluid, Gangcharger, Blue Million Miles and Sonnenblume. Thanks, Kurt!

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 03.01.09

Alan Alda - Red Sky Morning
Magic Mice - Dreams of Reason
Black Market Empire - Drop Dead Disco
Petals of Spain - Starting Anew
Roger Roll - It's All the Things
Goodbye Champion - Outside Looking In
Overcasters - Way of the World
The Fluid - Candy
Gangcharger - Kathy In the Quarry
Blue Million Miles - Over the Fall
Sonnenblume - Hold On
L'elan Vital - Endlessly Indepted
Fresh Breath Committee - Why They Do What They Do
Spoke-In-Wordz - Bringing It Back
Air Dubai - Baby I'm a Mess
Bionik Brown - The Thug Inside
Life In Electric - Dead and Buried
Statewide Emergency - Midnight Creeper
Black Lamb - Widowmaker
CacheFlowe - Casio vs. Heavy Metal
Lib Exploration - Greg Harris Vibe Quintet

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