Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 04.01.09

All right, I gotta admit: It felt a little bit weird at first being back on the air last night after a two-week, self-imposed hiatus. Got sidelined by a nasty sinus/ear/throat infection the first week, while an infected tooth, which later got pulled, conspired with a hockey game and a blizzard to preempt the show last week. Luckily, nothing much had changed while we were out -- although a new phone inexplicably appeared in the studio (?), all the buttons and knobs were roughly in the same place as when we left -- which allowed us to jump right back in. And jump in we did, with a whole new set of new music, including the premier of a new Immortal Dominion track, and a whole slew of songs from Fort Collins acts in advance of the upcoming FoCoMx fest. Then during the second hour, the gentlemen of Singe File, the subject of this week's profile, stopped by and chatted us up about their early DIY efforts, the new record and Joe Ginsberg gave us insight as to why he trimmed his trademark 'stache and how he's become addicted to running. See the full playlist after the jump, and check back later this week for the recast.

MHF PLAYLIST - 04.01.09

Alan Alda - "Red Sky Morning (A Sailing Song)"
The Magic Mice - "Diamond Eyes"
Raleigh - "Yore"
Wire Faces - "Portable Castles"
Gritch - "Sunday Morning Train"
Nautical Mile - "Rhythm"
Speakeasy, Tiger - "Speak Long"
The Reals - "Anchor"
Lifeboat Etiquette - "Eye for Composition"
Gregory Alan Isakov - "Evelyn"
Judith Avers - "Better Off - Judith Avers"
Danielle Ate the Sandwich - "On the Planet Earth"
White As Night - "Chaos"
Popwreck - "Broken Windows"
All Capitals - "In the Ministry"
Candy Claws - "Catamaran"
Immortal Dominion - "Deity Definer"
Mark Darling - "Spiders Underground"
Houses - "Be the Woman"
The Young and Naïve - "Big Rock"
Great Room Victoria - "Blue Warbler"

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