Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 04.08.09

So I had my first solo flight on Wednesday night. Since the show launched in December, I've always had a co-host, even when Andy was conspicuously absent as he was this past Wednesday. Andy couldn't make it this time because evidently, his band was, like, um, gallivanting across the country playing rock and roll for people or something. Anyhow, this time it was just me, which meant that there was, well, less talk and more rock. Uh, well, actually, now that I think about it, I wasn't all by myself, and there was some talk. The guys from Peña and Alan Alda stopped by and we talked about and played a few tracks from each of their new records, along with a slew of other handpicked tunes. See the complete playlist after the jump.

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 04.08.09

Alan Alda - "Characters Numbers"
The Pseudo Dates - "Last Night I Dreamed I Cut My Hair"
Jim McTurnan - "Give Up Suffering"
Hawks of Paradise - "Saturn Return/Find a New Way"
Sparrows - "Temporary Lover"
Bedsit Infamy - "Appleby"
Pena - "Hyena Arms"
Colder Than Fargo - "Do You Wear Your Soul Out"
Digger Trends - "Got Soul"
Tantric Picasso - "What Color's Shall You Caress"
The Rouge - "Tangerine"
Single File - "Mannequin Loveseat"
The Otherside of Clearview - "Sweet Release"
Alan Alda - "Red Sky Morning (A Sailing Song)"
Ideal Fathers - "Failing at Friendly is Not an Option"
3 the Hardway - "Reach for the Stars"
Achille Lauro - "Laredo"
Sputnik Slovenia - "Peeping Tom"
Pariah Caste - "Winter Light"
Call Sign Cobra - "Death of the Crimson Unicorn"
The Jim Jims - "Strobe Lite"
Lil Slugger - "Usurper"
Hot Robots - "A Different Atmosphere"
Improv - "Miss Hedonist"
Monofog - "White Teeth and War"

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