Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 04.15.09

Another fun show last night. Andy was back from tour and as things worked out, we didn't have any guests, which meant less talk and more rock. In homage to Hot IQs, who recently announced their impending split, we kicked off the show with three back-to-back songs from the group, followed by our well wishes for a speedy recovery to Mike Marchant and a track from his latest record, and twenty-two more hand-picked local tracks -- including the broadcast debut of tunes by Vonnegut, Tyler Ward, Forth Yeer Freshman, Boulder Acoustic Society, Gregory Alan Isakov, Angie Stevens, Iuengliss and Drop Dead, Gorgeous. See the complete playlist after the jump.

Mile Hi-Fidelity

Hot IQs - "Iggy Pop"
Hot IQs - "Houndstooth"
Hot IQs - "Duck and Cover"
Mike Marchant - "Lower Downtown Curses"
Vonnegut - "Vanishing Act"
Tyler Ward - "Sirens"
Under the Drone - "Gum"
Life In Electric - "Dead and Buried"
No Plot Kill - "Razorblades"
Forth Yeer Freshman - "Spank Bank"
Boulder Acoustic Society - "Time Travel"
Out On Bail - "Patricia Jean"
The Hollyfelds - "Bad Timing"
Bad Weather California - "1992"
Vitamins - "Holy Roses"
Gregory Alan Isakov - "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong"
Eric Shiveley - "You Don't Know Me At All"
Park-Pourbaix - "Eighty-Six"
Angie Stevens - "Queen of This Mess"
Fell - "I'll See You In the Comedown"
Iuengliss - "Say Goodbye (Dark Mix)"
Aenka - "Raluu Pop Dar"
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - "Killing a Classic"
Able Archer - "Last Year"

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