Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 05.13.09

As if this wasn't already painfully apparent, Andy and I are hopelessly devoted to music, particularly the music made here. Exhibit A: Last night, instead of pounding beers and watching the Nuggets trounce the Mavericks like the other bandwagoneers in this city (my co-hort being the exception -- A to the effing T was a diehard fan before all this post-season hoopla), we were tucked away in a southeast Denver studio working our way through another two hours of the finest local tunes we could find.

We kicked off the show with a tribute to our friends in the dearly departed Ghost Buffalo, who played their last show ever this past Tuesday night at 3 Kings. The three-song set was capped off by the outfit's most recent and perhaps best track yet, "Indecision." We debuted a brand new song from Whygee from Offshore Drilling, the brand new comp that features various rappers rhyming over Kid Hum instrumentals from his Fossil Fuel release. We also played a tune from Mesita, which John Fate from the Psuedo Dates introduced us to yesterday in the comments section of this very blog (thanks, dude). And somehow, despite chopping it up with a few members of the Jim Jims during the second hour, we managed to play 26 songs, a startling new record for the show. See the full playlist after the jump.

Mile Hi-Fidelity

Ghost Buffalo - "Ruin Everything"
Ghost Buffalo - "Bones"
Ghost Buffalo - "Indecision"
Houses - "Fair Weather" (live at hi-dive)
Young Coyotes - "When I Was On Fire"
Hawks of Paradise - "Girls Don't Cry"
Colder Than Fargo - "The Art of Disappearing"
The Mighty 18 Wheeler - "Natives of Nowhere"
The Digger Trends - "No Pride"
Synthetic Elements - "Trashed Out Paradise"
Mesita - "New Euphoria"
Drop City - "Boxxxes"
The Still City - "You've Got Your Hands"
The Jim Jims - "City City"
The Jim Jims - "Horny"
Rowboat - "Better This Way"
Songs for the Awkward - "Her Songs"
Eric Shiveley - "Pretty Like a Spider"
DaddyBruce Lee - "911-derful"
Muder Ranks - "Soundboy Why"
Swankstars - "Spin"
Whygee - "Klonopins"
Slaughterhouse Rootz - "Surf Drunk"
Lords of Fuzz - "Nice and Easy"
Stella Luce - "Beltbomb Machine"
Like Pianos Crashing - "Better Luck Next Time"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.