Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 06.03.09

Over the weekend, we entered all of the songs that we've played on the show into a database. It was quiet eye-opening. Since launching back in December, we've played somewhere around 450 songs. Minus the songs we've played more than once, we've played more than 350 songs by 350 artists, all hailing from Denver and the front range. That's a staggering number when you think about it. That means there's enough compelling music being made here not only to sustain a weekly two hour local-centric show, but really you could legitimately make a case for launching a station (we're dreaming, of course) whose playlist is all local. Anyhow, last night we added a bunch more songs to the list and chalked up two more interviews with Josh Wambeke and Mike Dewey from Fell in advance of their CD release show tomorrow night at Bender's, and the guys from the Rouge, who just celebrated the release of their new disc at the Larimer this past weekend. Check out the full playlist from last night's show after the jump.

Mile Hi-Fidelity

Signal To Noise - "Wish Me Luck"
Kosmos - "Apocalypse"
The Jimi Austin - "The Day You and I Died"
Gangcharger - "Kathy in the Quarry"
Jim McTurnan - "Give Up Suffering"   
Good Housekeeping - "Hanging In The Hollow"
Fell - "I'll See You In The Comedown"
Fell - "A Farewell To Echoes"
The Omens - "Look Away"
Paul Galaxy and the Galactics - "Black Out Drunk"   
The Rouge - "Heat and Light"
The Rouge - "Six Shooter"                
Ichiban - "Goodbye"          
Improv - "Miss Hedonist"               
Rough Draft - "Wasting Time"               
Rachael Pollard - "Crazy For You"               
Tim Pourbaix - "Paper's Pink"          
Tim Hanauer - "I Can't Hold On To My Heart"     
Arcanium - "Gone Away"
3 the Hardway - "Reach for the Stars"
Fresh Breath Committee - "Why They Do"
Reed Foehl - "Where You Been?"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.