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Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 06.10.09

With all the Showcase hoopla last week, a few of our normal features slipped through the cracks, including this one, wherein I provide you with a rundown of the radio show and then offer up the playlist for your consumption. A week removed, honestly, I can't really remember too much about the show other the fact that Andy commented how much he really dug the playlist that night, and that we had Yonnas Abraham from the Pirate Signal on the air and he pretty much killed it with his incisive wit and . If you missed it, not to worry -- we'll be offering up a fresh batch of tunes this evening (well, I should say I, because Andy's band has a show tonight and so he won't be there). In the meantime, here's the songs we played last week.

Mile Hi-Fidelity

Fear Before - "Fear Before Doesn't Listen to People Who Don't Like Them"
Against Tomorrow's Sky - "Poison Tester"   
Bright Channel - "New Observation"
Overcasters - "A Wish"
Rabbit Is A Sphere - "Sailors Knot"
Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Sink Like a Stone"
Skyfox - "Runaway"
Speakeasy Tiger - "Awake"
Red Stinger - "90 Days"
Big Timber - "What's Left"
Red Cloud West - "Hard Way"
The Christines - "Hollow"
Pirate Signal - "I Can't Wait"       
Fresh Breath Committee - "Why They Do"
Ellison Park - "Theology for Robots"   
Kingdom Of Magic - "Upon the Wings of the Mighty Manatee"   
Drag The River - "Medicine"
Tauntaun - "For Us to Destroy"   
Pictureplane - "Trance Doll"   
The ReMINDers - "Outside My Window"

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