Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 06.17.09

Turned in an economy version of the show last night. No guests, no co-host. Not much to report really. Just one guy, one mike and two dozen handpicked tunes. Where was my faithful sidekick, you ask? Why Mr. Thomas had a show last night at the Larimer Lounge, as he dutifully reminded me via text yesterday just a few hours before the show. I, of course, responded, dutifully reminding him that I couldn't make it because, well, I'd be on the radio hosting our show and stuff. Oh, that. Heh-heh. Anyhow, my trusted compatriot Andy will be back next week, and we'll have a whole new batch of tunes for you. In the meantime, here's what I played last night.


Reno Divorce - "How Long's It Been? "
Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Love Keeps Us Tough"
Planes Mistaken For Stars - "Copper And Stars"
The Legendary Beep Beeps - "Judgmental Eyes"
The Fire Drills - "Hole for a Heart"
Paper Bird - "Dead as a Dead Man's Bones"
The Trampolines - "The Need"
Patrick Porter - "Sakes Alive"
Rainville - "Let Me Come Back Home"
The Widowers - "Titaness"
Eric Shiveley - "Pretty Like A Spider"
Havok - "Afterburner"
The Natural Selection - "Down Elevator"
Drag the River - "Death of the Life of the Party"
Synthetic Elements - "Trashed Out Of Paradise"
Yerkish - "USS Jeezus"
Es Nine - "Who I Am"
Tarantella - "Southern Cross"
Otis Taylor - "Looking For Some Heat"
Dan Craig - "Soldier Don't Look Down"
Ten Cent Redemption - "Bring Your Gun"
The Kissing Party - "Brand New Heartbreaking Friends"
A Shoreline Dream - "Hypermode"
Solar Bear - "The Ghost of Anton Levey"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.