Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 07.22.09

Had an outstanding show last night. Whygee and Sunkenstate stopped by and discussed the new album, releasing it via Twitter -- a new and undeniably novel way of getting the word out -- the state of hip-hop in Denver and the obstacles local hip-hop artists face. We also premiered two songs from the new record, "In a Rut" and "Tears of the Son." And otherwise, despite the fact that the interview with Whygee and Sunkenstate was fairly lengthy, we managed to play eighteen other tracks. See the full playlist after the jump.


The Battleship Agenda - "Broken Glass"    
Savage Henry - "Broken"
Nautical Mile - "Rhythm" 
D.Biddle - "The Light That Disappeared"   
The Still City - "You've Got Your Hands"   
Sonnenblume - "Ded 2 Me"
Super Seed - "Trip"
Lifeboat Etiquette - "Eye for Composition"   
The Inactivists - "The Wrong Girl"
Fissure Mystic - "Breakthrough"
Whygee & Sunkenstate - "In a Rut"
Whygee & Sunkenstate - "Tears of the Son"
Mr. J Medeiros - "Constance"
Matt Boyer - "Displaced"
Park Pourbaix - "Eighty- Six"   
Tim Pourbaix - "Paper's Pink"   
Tiny Television - "Six String"
The Omens - "I Need Your Love"   
Primasonic - "Mind Rape"
Pacific Pride - "Kenny Likes to Get Weird"


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