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Mile Hi-Fidelity recast + playlist - 01.28.09

Another two hours of playing the best hand-picked local music is in the books. Andy and I got all sorts of chatty last night -- I mean, more than usual; seriously we were like a gaggle of grandmas chopping it up in a sewing circle -- which meant that we didn't get to two of the songs we had planned on playing (sorry, Constellations and Kissing Party -- next week, I promise). Fortunately, our guests, three of the guys from Dualistics, were equally as chatty and gave some insight into their new record and what contributed to noted progression of the band's sound. We had planned on having the recast up by now, but there were some difficulties with downloading the recording of the stream for conversion that we're working out right now. With any luck, we'll have it posted later today. In the meantime, as always, the playlist is posted after the jump.

The Swayback - "Waiting for the Man"
The Fluid - "Our Love Will Still Be There"
Light Travels Faster - "Seek and Destroy"
Gamits - "Wholesome Girl"
Yellow Second - "Swingset"
Trampolines - "Seven Ways from Sunday"
Eric Shively - "You Don't Know Me"
Andy Ard - "That's What She Did To Me"
Dan Craig - "Sir Thomas More"
Pil Bug - "Violent Love"
The Jonez - "You Are My Eyes"
Jux County - "Simon's Eyes"

Dualistics - "Sleight of Hand"
Dualistics - "Spy vs Spy"
Against Tomorrow's Sky - "Poison Tester"
The Archive - "Gone Fishin'"
Qualm - "Lost In My Hometown"
Lord of Word - "Sunny Days"
J Medieros - "Constance"
3 the Hardway - "Reach for the Stars"
Ian Cooke - "Vasoon"
Paper Bird - "Pennies"

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