Mile High Makeout: Behind the Green Door with Curious Yellow

As promised in last Friday's Mile High Makeout, I just had the opportunity to crash a practice session by the newly reconstituted Curious Yellow. Though founder Adam Lancaster has lost count of how many lineups have flown beneath this flag, I think it's safe to say that this particular version is going to make a huge splash when it makes its public debut on February 6 at the hi-dive.

According to Lancaster, the headlining gig came about almost by accident, as the result of a casual phone call to the hi-dive's Ben Desoto. It doesn't hurt to be as well-connected as Lancaster, one of the brains behind Morning After Records. 

The band, however - which includes Brian Knab and Brandon Roth of the Still City, as well as Neil Truglio and Shawn Bayer - isn't counting on nepotism. In tonight's rehearsal, I saw the quintet run through its loud-soft power-pop compositions several times, trying to get the breaks, fills, harmonies and dynamics just right, all under Lancaster's exacting supervision. While the songs I heard tonight were a little rough and will benefit from the next couple weeks of practice, there was no shortage of standout melodies, swelling choruses and crunchy riffs. I'm still a little skeptical of the two-drummer lineup, but will be interested to see how it pans out. All in all, I'm eager to see what this new incarnation will accomplish. Keep your ears peeled. --Eryc Eyl

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