On the third day of an alcohol, caffeine, fat and sugar binge in the name of the winter solstice and some folks' savior, I'm feeling lethargic, unhealthy, dirty and startlingly unattractive. This is the stuff New Year's resolutions are made of. All I want to do is eat raw foods, spend four hours in the gym and try to save my internal organs from becoming completely enrobed in a protective layer of sweet, fatty tissue. In spite of all that, I'm going tonight. And you probably should too.

Mile High Makeout: Binge and purge

You see, even as we are all emerging from our days of decadence and devotion, there's no shortage of great local live music to enjoy tonight. There's phenomenal FREE hip-hop with the Pirate Signal at Herman's Hideaway, Buckwild at 3 Kings Tavern, Xiren at the Toad Tavern, and Katie Herzig performing with Tifah of the Autum Film at the Walnut Room. 

Then, of course, there's the inimitable Living Room Series at the Meadowlark. An outgrowth of the Moveable Feast showcases, the Living Room events are Jonathan Bitz and Sarah Levin's salute to this town's finest singer-songwriters. According to the Meadowlark's MySpace page, performers tonight will include: Joe Sampson, Nate Meese, John Common, Corey Teruya (of Hello Kavita), Jason Cain (of Astrophagus), Mike Marchant (of Widowers), Tim Pourbaix, Joshua Novak, Roger Green, Stephen Lee Lawson (of Oblio Duo), Robyn Aasmundstad and many more. Holy crap, that's more sad bastards (and bast-ettes) than you're likely to find in one place ever again.

I'll be there. Let's make out and purge ourselves of all the toxins we've ingested over the past few days. I promise to, at least, brush my teeth beforehand. --Eryc Eyl

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