Mile High Makeout: Curious Yellow returns!

I was very excited to receive an instant message yesterday from Adam Lancaster, of Morning After Records, announcing his return to live performance. Adherents of the Denver music scene will remember that Lancaster fronted his own loud, energetic, melodic rock band, Curious Yellow, until about four years ago, when other life priorities -- like helping to run a record label, holding down a day job and being a dad --  necessitated stepping back. Aside from a couple of acoustic performances, Lancaster's work has been offstage. Yesterday, however, the singer and guitarist was downright giddy to tell me that he has confirmed a Curious Yellow gig at the hi-dive for February 6th.

The reconstituted lineup includes guitarist Brian Knab and drummer Brandon Roth from the Still City, along with Neil Truglio Truglia on bass and second drummer (that's right) Shawn Bayer. According to Lancaster, the band is recording with Andrew Vastola at Colorado Sound Rocky Mountain Recorders, expecting to be done by the end of this month and to release the record on -- what else -- Morning After. I'm going to drop in on practice next week to see what's cooking. Lancaster tells me to expect, "big rhythms, big guitars and big melodies."

Keep your eyes on this space for more information about this exciting return. -- Eryc Eyl

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