Mile High Makeout: Dead Days

Every year, I hear people talk about the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day as a dull and lifeless time for live music. If you went to college, you'll remember that they sometimes called the study period just before finals "dead days" because nothing would be happening on campus. People act as if the holidays are Denver's dead days, largely because the touring band circuit slows considerably. But our dear town is far from dead.

In fact, there are cities bigger than Denver that would kill for the kind of live music we have. If you're waiting around for your favorite touring band at this time of year, you might go a little crazy. That's why the holidays are a good time to acquaint yourself with the talent in your own backyard. Plus, the clubs are going to start getting emptier and emptier as non-natives bug out for family fun. If you don't know the Denver music scene, now is an excellent time to do so.

Just this week, you could catch some amazing live local music that will have you believing these days are far from dead. The Tanukis, Denver Joe, Yuzo Nieto, Gregory Alan Isakov, Born in the Flood, the Wheel, Joseph Pope III, Bad Weather California, Achille Lauro, Vitamins (pictured above), Rabbit is a Sphere, Widowers, the Knew, Kissing Party, Jason Cain, Paper Bird, Yerkish, Aloft in the Sundry, Magic Cyclops and Joshua Novak are just some of the local talent you could catch just this week. 

If you're at a loss, just take a few minutes to peruse Westword's calendar. It's an amazing resource for getting your arms around Denver's myriad live music options. It's time to leave those dead days behind. 

I'm alive, uh huh, so alive. -- Eryc Eyl

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