Mile High Makeout: Pimpin' in Portland

I recently spotted a rare MySpace bulletin from Nathaniel Rateliff, aka the Wheel, about a show he was doing in Portland. Now, I know Nate doesn't exactly need my help to draw a crowd, but I'm such a strong supporter of his work that I wanted to pimp him a little bit. Additionally, some of my favorite music publicists from XO Publicity are in Portland, so I felt the need to clue them in. I immediately shot an email over to Kaytea and Margaret to tell them that they had to go check out the show, and then report back with their thoughts.

After the show, I received an enthusiastic email from Margaret. "Man, you were sooo right," she said. "Nathaniel has an amazing, powerful voice and his songs are excellent." This made me feel like a proud papa - and also a bit like a pimp, though in the literal sense, not the mack daddy one.

Margaret went on to say, "Unfortunately I'd had about 17 cups of coffee that day and thought I was having a heart attack. My 'date' caught me taking my pulse in the middle of the Wheel's set...pretty funny."

Of course, plenty of women here in Denver can relate to feeling heart palpitations while watching Nate sing his new songs for the old ceremony of love and hate, but I'm happy to know now that it's not just the altitude. Our favorite son continues to rise.

-- Eryc Eyl

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