Mile High Makeout: The rise of Meese

Last week, I attended Meese's whiskey-and-magazine sponsored show at the b.side Lounge in Boulder. The free event only allowed about 100 people into the Lounge's less-than-optimal room, making for the most intimate show this skyrocketing group will be giving for a long time to come. While the band's recordings rarely grab me, there's no denying the outfit's tight-as-a-timpani pop songwriting, onstage charm or the affability of the individual members, who are the nicest guys you'd ever want to see signed to a major label.

After Meese's short set -- which included old, familiar tunes and slightly rockier new ones (perhaps influenced by the band's unlikely new producer, Sean Beaven, best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson) -- I grabbed a few words with Nate Meese, a phenomenal guitarist and all-around great guy.

When I asked him how he felt about the new record, which the gents are currently sticking a fork in, he gushed, "I've had a sound in my head for 15 years - ever since I first started playing guitar - and we finally got it." With his trademark toothy and earnest grin, Nate continued, "I'm so proud of Patrick, of myself and of this band."

I'm always a little apprehensive when one of our own gets snapped up by the machine, but if it ultimately results in the kind of artistic satisfaction that Nate Meese feels today, then we all owe this particular major label a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss. -- Eryc Eyl

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