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Millions of Brazilians

Looking for a shovel to bury the Aughts with? Millions of Brazilians seem happy to oblige; just do us all a favor and throw the band into the grave along with the decade it so laughably typifies. Sounding like a factory reject of the Killers, the Bravery and Franz Ferdinand, the Michigan group milks the worst dance-rock tendencies of the past ten years, dumps them in a toilet and stirs them with their dicks. The stench alone is stomach-turning; never mind the sound. Clumsy, clunky and savagely unsexy, Millions of Brazilians' idiot disco can only redeem itself if it proves to be the death throe of a style that was already beginning to putrefy five years ago. But if — as the Dead Milkmen once said — you'll dance to anything, by all means, have at it.

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Jason Heller
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