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Monotonix Engages in Full-Scale Musical Riotry and Other Assorted Goodies

Here's a selection of the best of last week's music blogging from around the Village Voice chain: Some bands merely play, while others engage in full-scale musical riots. In this review, Monotonix opt for the latter.

You want to know about musical obsessions? Early in this Bruce Springsteen review, the reviewer literally tastes the boss. Creepy!

Celtic Frost breaks up, ending the reign of the hugely influential metal act, and the occasion is marked with this love letter/capsule history/band eulogy.

In the theory that any press is good press, the vocalist for Phoenix-area metal band Rebirth talks a bunch of shit about the local paper, makes some threats and gets his panties in a bunch over perceived sleights to his band and chosen genre. As a result he comes off looking like a whole fucking shed full of tools, but hey, he got my attention.

What happens when legendary rock and roll venue CBGB's gets turned into an upscale retail boutique? Weird protests and even weirder commentary, that's what.

Analog versus digital technology discussed by two recording engineer heavyweights, plus the world's first-ever known LOLbini can be found here.

Enjoy these musings on the evolution of Devendra Banhart from lo-fi freak artist to full-blown celebrity douchebag, and find out what hot starlet he's making time with at the moment.

Caribou is one of my favorite live bands, thanks to the "swirl of wind-swept heartbreak and hope-stoked swoon" identified in this review, plus the double-drummer psych-rock freakout vibe it manages so well.

A satellite radio station goes all George Strait in celebration of his new album, and this blog goes all obsessive in detailing the ins and outs of every song they play for an hour or so.

There are apparently but ten rules to pimpin' and you can learn all of them here. There's video, if reading isn't pimp enough for you. -- Cory Casciato

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