More fun with animated GIFS: Rusko's Dubstep Workout Routine from Red Rocks

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Earlier this week, Rusko lead Red Rocks in an intense, nearly two hour dubstep workout. Bringing the tempo up and down, from 110 bpms and shooting way back up 148 within a split second, it was impossible to stand still. Rusko even warned us of what he was about to do, but did we take warning? Nope. Instead, we took pictures. Here is a close examination of Rusko's workout regimen, which obviously works. Look how trim the dude is!

The "When is it going to rain bass music?"

Here, Rusko takes all of dubstep energy and praises the heavens above in hopes that heavier low-ends will come raining down from the sky.

The "One-two punch to the heart"

Nothing says cardio like a one-two punch. Rusko motions to his heart, signaling both passion and cardio, and then points up with each finger, similar to what your mom does at those wacky Zumba classes, then grits his teeth and prepares for the sweat. The "One-two punch to the heart" is a great predecessor to the "When is it going to rain bass music?"

The "R.Kelly (I believe I can fly)"

As we all know, the original R.Kelly cannot be mimicked without pulling sort of indecent exposure charge. As Rusko proudly displays, however, a light flapping of the arms mixed with a little hop is all you hope you need to believe you can fly.

The "Bounce with me, bounce with me" (Not to be confused with the Jay-Z)

This is a real simple move that can be done whenever and wherever you are listening to dubstep. Simply hop. That's all. Just hop.

The "Right-handed R.Kelly" or "Flying in circles"

Like a bird with a wounded wing, simply flap one arm along with the beat (best if worked during a 110 bpm track, so you don't throw a rotator cuff) and grind your teeth. Grinding your teeth works out your bass face, which is the best thing you could possibly have on lock-down at a dubstep show.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.