More pressing questions for the Beasties and Tenacious D

The press conference preceding Monday's Rock the Vote show with Tenacious D and the Beastie Boys was a strictly Q-and-A affair, which meant that the musicians hadn’t prepared anything to say, and the success of the event hinged on questions from the handful of journalists in attendance. Thankfully, my intelligent and diligent colleagues made up for my utter lack of preparation. Michael Roberts already summarized the event quite well, but I have just a few observations to add.

Jack Black was, indeed, subdued last night, due to his fall in Milwaukee the night before. This was probably a good thing because he might very well have upstaged his more serious companions. He wasn’t entirely speechless, however.

“Everyone who has an opinion should vote,” the comic actor and musician said simply. “The more people that vote, the better. If everyone voted in the last few elections, I daresay there would have been different people winning.”

Since Rock the Vote is an ostensibly non-partisan organization, focused largely on registering voters and getting them to vote, it is generally frowned upon for those involved to mention support for a specific candidate. However, the political leanings in the room should have been pretty clear to anyone who was paying attention or who has listened to the music of these two acts.

At one point, a student journalist asked what might be done to further encourage college students to get out and exercise their inalienable right.

“Do those students care about student loans,” Mike D. asked in return, “or is higher education only for people who have $30,000 to spare?”

Mike D. and Adam Yauch indicated that they will be sticking around the Denver area on Election Day to encourage people to get out to the polls. Adam Horovitz, however, will be returning home to cast his ballot. While people often tout the benefits of voting early or by mail, Horovitz seemed enthusiastic about doing his civic duty on the day itself.

“I want to wait in that line because there’s a cheese shop right across the street,” he noted wryly. “They sell the really big balls of fresh mozzarella, salted.”

At that point, the press conference adjourned. The Beasties made their way to a corner of the auditorium to do a TV interview, while Jack Black went off in search of a picture of the D on the venue’s hallowed walls. Kyle Gass, meanwhile, shook hands and thanked journalists for coming. When he spotted my Mac in my lap, he asked if I could get online. Remarkably, I could. He sat down next to me and asked me to pull up YouTube and search for “jack black falls.”

When I finally found the video, we watched it eagerly until the moment of the fall.

“Back that up,” Gass ordered. “I gotta see that again.” I obeyed, and we watched as Black endured an extremely painful-looking tumble. And yes, we laughed at it. – Eryc Eyl

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