More than two decades after being banned from CU, Warlock Pinchers officially unbanned

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Last night at the University of Colorado in Boulder, more than twenty years after they were banned from performing on campus for an infamous show with the Haters at Quiqley's (now Club 156), Andrew Novick and Derek van Westrum of the Warlock Pinchers dished out some juicy stuff after a one-time-only screening in the VAC Auditorium of Warlock Pinchers 2010: Will There Be Blood. A loyal fan in attendance had the opportunity to see that fateful show in 1988. But for the rest of us, the twelve-minute, low-quality footage the pair shared was a work of art in itself.

The one thing that everyone could remember from the show was that you had to be quiet to appreciate the art. It wasn't quiet for too long, though, once the smoke bombs went off and hot dogs started to fly through the air. The fan who was at the show remarked about how the video brought back all the memories. She remembered not being able to find her out of the small venue when Pablo Kjolseth slammed the door shut to keep in all smoke in. When she finally got outside, some kids looked at her with big eyes and asked, "Were you in there?"

Novick and Van Westrum reminisced about a drum set catching on fire at Penny Lane coffee house, how they were accused of posting flyers around CU with "chemicals" and they even had an old friend there to even call them out on their bullshit. Kjolseth explained that he was nervous for the week leading up to the return, but everyone looked like friends with smiles across their faces the whole time.

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In another story that Novick related, he recalled asking, "Can we bring guns with blanks on stage." The idea was surprisingly met with approval, apparently, and before they knew it, there are three girls on stage shooting guns at stage at Club 156. Another episode revolved around how the band once got its own laser show at the Fiske Planetarium. From the sounds of it, tales of the Pinchers' antics back in the day could literally go on for days, or even weeks.

Some of the younger fans on hand last night had their video cameras dialed in the whole time, and you can hardly blame them. The presence in the room last night was electric, and there was a constant flow of good energy, in spite what happened when the guys were banned from campus all those years ago. "I officially unban the Warlock Pinchers from CU," Kjolseth exclaimed. With that, there was a burst of joyful clapping. There couldn't have been any better way this situation was put to rest.

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