Moving Pictures: A first look at Chicane's "Come Back"

The video above is the latest viral sensation on the Internet, garnering 120,000 views in the three days since it was posted (today is day four). It's a brilliant, touching and hilarious story of one man's efforts to win back the girl who left him -- and who can't relate to that story? It features "Come Back," the latest single from British dance act Chicane. And while it purports to be a fan-made video, we have to burst the bubble -- it's clearly an official video aiming for viral success (and getting it, we might add).

What gives it away? The fact it was uploaded from his record company's official account and the professional production values are somewhat unsubtle hints, we'd say. But don't let that dampen your enjoyment -- it's a great video regardless. And we're willing to bet it's only a matter of time before someone makes a fan version and uses it to get their girlfriend back for real, anyway.

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