Moving Pictures: A first look at Ke$sha's "Blah Blah Blah" video featuring 3OH!3

Okay, once more with feeling this time ... er, make that audio, rather. Earlier this week, we posted some crappy version of this video we stumbled across on YouTube, in which the first fifteen or so seconds of audio was muted, with subtitles filling us in on the dialogue between Ke$ha and some Jersey Shore castoff, and with video quality that was about on par with that.

Well, the actual video has now been posted on MySpace, and well, let's just say that hearing the Master Douche's diatribe at the beginning doesn't enhance the experience all that much, except for perhaps advancing the whole concept of the video, which as Ke$ha told MTV news, "was a bunch of douchey guys macking on me -- as usual -- and me making them eat their toupees or other various items."

What to say about this one: The video quality isn't that much better (maybe it's the compression?), but it's, nonetheless, just as glossy, colorful, seductive, over the top and trainwreck magnetic as the song itself, with plenty of money shots of Ke$ha writhing and mugging for the camera, as well as a brief cameo from the 3OH!3 boys. Prepare for chart annihilation in t-minus zero.

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