Moving Pictures: Behold, One-Eyed Doll, a rockumentary chronicling the trials and tribulations of a touring goth-punk band

Every once and a while we pretend like we want to learn things and watch documentaries, but only if they're available for free somewhere. Luckily, we just found a new one to watch, and this one involves a band we've never heard of (One-Eyed Doll), doing things we never figured bands did (they eat?).

We honestly don't really understand what's even going on here, but look, there is a girl with funny makeup and plenty of rock and roll and costumes. That should be entertaining for an hour and half, right? It's like watching Trekkies, only substitute the nerds with goth-punk-rockers.

We like being exposed to new things, and this documentary has most certainly shined some lights on the trials and tribulations of a touring goth-punk band. (See indie rockers? It's not just you whining about stuff in tour documentaries.) If you can't get through the whole thing, go ahead and skip to the 29-minute mark, in which the drummer says something absolutely brilliant. Oh, another spoiler alert: Don't miss the first two and a half minutes or so when we discover that there's another drummer out there named Number Three. What are the chances?

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Thorin Klosowski
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