Moving Pictures: Behold the unreal turntable skills of DJ Vajra

Anyone who thinks that deejaying is not an artform has clearly never seen DJ Vajra perform. Dude's unreal. One of the most revered turntablists in the country, he may not be what purists would consider to be a musician, but he's most certainly an artist -- without question.

You know that whole such and such is "your favorite DJ's favorite DJ" quip? That was most likely coined with Vajra in mind. No really. A few years ago after seeing Z-Trip at the Fox up in Boulder, we headed up to 'Round Midnight (speaking of which, he'll be there tonight throwing down, as well) to watch Vajra spin. Not twenty minutes later, we glance to our left and who do think is standing next to us? Yep. Mr. Zach Sciacca, Z-Trip if you're nasty. Vajra's got it like that, which is why we weren't surprised in the least when we came across the clip posted after the jump, in which some German dude -- or at least he sounds German to us -- breaks down Vajra's (or "Vai-yah," as he pronounces it) laudable technique.

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Dave Herrera
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