Moving Pictures: Iuengliss, Tauntaun, Paper Bird, Hot Congress, John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light

Behold our latest weekly feature: Moving Pictures. Like a slideshow, only with sound and motion, Moving Pictures is basically just a quick highlight reel of the things we saw during the week or, in this case, over the weekend. This first edition features clips from yet another extraordinary weekend for music in the Mile High City. While we didn't make it to all the gigs we had hoped for, we did manage to catch a number of stellar sets all over town, including Iuengliss on Friday night at the hi-dive, Tauntaun's plaster-rattling set at Wax Trax on Saturday afternoon, a splendid early evening set from Paper Bird at 3 Kings Tavern, the Hot Congress Block party on Larimer and John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light warming up the stage for Cameron McGill at the Walnut Room. As added bonus, amongst the live footage, we've included a short interview with Mike Marchant from Widowers, who talks about surviving his latest harrowing ordeal last week and explains the idea behind Hot Congress and its priciples. Live vicariously after the jump.

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