Moving Pictures: Music, Meet Video

Modern music videos tend to suck for the most part because few showcase any kind of real creativity and originality. That beef aside, the Tangled; We Weave music videos (if you can even call them that because they're so fresh) project makes us wish MTV would get a clue.

The year-long project is the love child of local musician Eric Peterson (Houses, Old Radio) and Seattle-based photography student Jennifer Brookes (work here). Every week, Peterson writes a thirty second composition while Brookes compiles 180 photos into a video without any idea what each others' work is shaping up to. When they're both finished, they mash the two together into little slices of a.v. heaven and post them to these here interwebs on Tuesdays.

This week's video (above) is especially charming featuring a flock of seagulls (no, not the band) and a tune that is reminiscent of Peterson's work with Roger,Roll. Have a look, it will only take half a minute, unless you get sucked and decide to watch all of the videos thus far (you'll find another below). In that case, it will take approximately ten minutes. Distract away!

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