Moving Pictures: OkGo does it again with a new viral video for "This Too Shall Pass"

Say what you will about the music these dudes make. One thing, however, is undebatable -- without question, OkGo (due at the Bluebird with Earl Greyhound and The Booze on Wednesday, April 14) is creating the best videos in the business. And it's keeping everybody talking about them. Just when you thought they couldn't one up the last clip, which featured a full on marching band and people camouflaged like landscape cropping up, they have. And it's insanely cool. Check out this latest alternate clip for "This Too Shall Pass," which is (thankfully) embeddable this time, unlike the last version. Like its predecessors, this one amazingly also appears to be shot in a single take. Dig it. And then listen to the guys explain how it was made after the jump.

The Making of This Too Shall Pass - Part I

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The Making of This Too Shall Pass - Part II

The Making of This Too Shall Pass - Part III

The Making of This Too Shall Pass - Part IV

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