MP3 Freeloader: DJ MU$A offers new mixtape, Techno Savvy

If you've followed DJ MU$A at all in the last fifteen years, you already know that he's one of the best, if not


best, mixers coming out of the Mile High City. His eclectic tastes have him mixing hood classics with anything ranging from '70s soul and '80s pop to newer electronica and dance music. He even creates remixes so fresh they sound like original recordings. So for those of us who wish we can take home the mixes we hear at the clubs and lounges MU$A spins at, he's making those wishes come true with his new mixtape,

Techno Savvy

. But don't get it twisted, it's not a mix of rave music, but a mix of hip-hop with that retro-electro feel and that MU$A touch. Download the free mix after the jump:

Download Techno Savvy Here

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