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MP3 Freeloader: Dubstep mix from Zeno

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Some musical styles click for me right away; others take repeated exposures before I get it. Dubstep falls into the latter category for me, but the more I hear of it, the more I dig it. Something about the combination of the tricky rhythms built around jungle and dub influenced production and the frequently minimalist aesthetic really just started clicking for me. Select tracks have already wormed their way deep into my consciousness but it wasn't until this weekend I found a mix that I couldn't stop playing. And as luck would have it, that mix is downloadable and free, so you can catch the bug too. It's the Amnesia Studio Mix by local DJ/producer Zeno. For the low, low price of nothing, you get 79 minutes of wobbly bass lines, unpredictable beats and innovative, trippy, spaced-out timbres.

There's an especially awesome stretch that starts about halfway through and includes a Lady GaGa remix, a couple of killer upcoming releases from local label Dirty Circuit Records and a great track called "Mr. Chips." Even if the rest of the mix wasn't pretty kick-ass (and it is, rest assured) this stretch would make it worthwhile. You don't have to take my word for it; download Zeno's Amnesia Studio Mix here

01. [0:00:00] Zeno - Dub No. 9 [Trillbass Recs] 02. [0:03:56] Ale Fillman - Irie Rythm 03. [0:06:33] Kromestar - Repitched [Dubstar] 04. [0:08:19] Blackheart - Dazed 05. [0:10:06] Adam Freeland - Do You (Joker Remix) 06. [0:12:54] Voodoo Steaboat - Late Nights VIP 07. [0:14:32] Widdler - Push Me 08. [0:16:04] Litle Jinder - Polyhedron (SUPRA1 Remix) 09. [0:18:40] Starkey - Pressure [Planet Mu] 10. [0:21:30] Reso - Spooky [Civil Music] 11. [0:23:54] Wascal - Scuttler (Bombamans Maneater Remix) 12. [0:26:04] Forensics - Endgame (Two Oh One Remix) [DubKraft] 13. [0:27:49] Joker & Ginz - purple City [Kapsize] 14. [0:29:33] Headcharge - Backdraft (Eskmo Remix) [Downbeat] 15. [0:32:24] Blackheart - Jupiter VIP [Forthcoming Brapdem] 16. [0:34:07] Surpass - M.I.M. 17. [0:36:25] Babylon System - Hyphy [Argon] 18. [0:38:35] Zeno - Folded Raspberry [Forthcoming Dirty Circuit] 19. [0:40:45] Lady Gaga - Just Dance (NTRLD & Thurgood remix) 20. [0:42:29] Ale Fillman - Bass rock (Zeno Remix) [Forthcoming Dirty Circuit] 21. [0:45:57] Rusko - Mr Chips [Sub Soldiers] 22. [0:48:07] Zeno - Object Pool [Forthcoming Dirty Circuit] 23. [0:49:50] DZ - The Fireman [Badman Press] 24. [0:51:35] DZ - Juxta [Forthcoming Badman Press] 25. [0:53:32] The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub) 26. [0:55:40] AC Slater - Rock It (Zeno Edit) 27. [0:57:53] Datsik & Flux Pavilion - Crunch [Rottun] 28. [0:59:24] Ill Gates - Sweatshop (Antiserum Remix) [Muti Music] 29. [1:02:13] HD4000 & Chewie - Beat down 30. [1:03:44] Zeno's Wheres the Money Lebowski Mashup (Ft TC - Where's my money (Caspa Remix)) 31. [1:06:07] Zeno & Chewie - On Point [Forthcoming Dirty Circuit] 32. [1:07:33] Herbdout - Get Mad 33. [1:10:19] Danny Larusso & Mr Miyagi - Flies 34. [1:11:39] Widdler - Froggy Style (Zeno Remix) [Forthcoming Shift] 35. [1:13:52] Reso - beasts in the basement [Civil Music] 36. [1:16:31] Zeno - False Alarm [Forthcoming Dirty Circuit] 37. [1:19:21] Zeno - Ease [Forthcoming Dirty Circuit]

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.