MP3 Freeloader: Fill your ears with the crunked glitch hop of Jantsen

Boulder-based producer Jantsen wants to welcome you to his world of "glitchdafied whomptronica" and to make you feel at home, he's giving you a whole slew of free tracks and mixes. His work incorporates influences from dub, drum and bass, IDM, electro and hip-hop into a mind-warping, ass-shaking unified whole. It's a fun sound that could serve as a nice introduction to hip-hop heads who have been reluctant to embrace electronic music wholeheartedly -- or vice versa, for folks who have never really been bitten by the hip-hop bug but love drum and bass or IDM. Start by downloading his Gutter Music mix. Dig it? Then visit the mix download page at FamilyMoons.com for another one (scroll down to the last third of the page) or pop over to his page at FamilyMoons.com and start grabbing his original tracks, remixes and mashups. It's all good and -- best of all -- it's all free!

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