MP3 Freeloader: Josephine and the Mousepeople

There's no one named Josephine and no anthropomorphic mice in Josephine and the Mousepeople, but don't let that dissuade you. What you do get is two guys -- who go by the names avicado and dannyberry -- who produce chipper, summery electro-pop confections. Their track "She Needs Fire" pairs up buzzy synthesizer tones and a loopy 303-style (as in the ancient Roland bass synth, not the local area code) lead with acoustic guitars and sweet melodies sang in a delicate, almost lilting voice. But don't take my word for it, download it (or stream it) after the jump and see for your self what the buzz on this dynamic duo is all about.


"She Needs Fire,"

"She Needs Fire,"

as featured on the band's MySpace page, or stream the track below.

-- Cory Casciato

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