MP3 Freeloader: Kintenders crew offers entire catalogue for free

Denver rapper/producer and former radio personality Lenny Lenn and his Kintenders imprint are offering their entire catalog for free download.The catalog features three compilation albums, solo projects from Lenny Lenn, James Ray, Joe D, and Mr. H, as well as collaborative projects with DJ Psycho and Q-Burse. When asked why they're giving away all these projects, Lenny Lenn said because people aren't really buying CD's anymore, so why not give them away?

"Sure you may sell a couple here and there but nothing to quit your day job over," he says. "I'd rather folks hear our music and be impressed with the full body of work. We did this all ourselves: recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, videos, all the beats, everything. That way when folks hear the material and it sparks an interest and they start calling -- which they are beginning to -- then you can charge."

Get the catalog list and links to all the projects after the jump.

KIN comp vol 1 - "It's a Family Affair"                                   
KIN comp vol 2 - "Title Bout"                                
Lenny-Lenn -  "Commercially Underground"                                               
Q. Burse & Lenny-Lenn - "Hoodies & Sneakers: The Adidas Project"
Lenny-Lenn & DJ Psycho - "I'm the Rapper He's the DJ"
Aires Jackson - "2 Years and a Day"
KIN comp vol. 3 -  "KIN 3"
Mr. H - "The Mind of Mr. H"
James Ray - "Eat, Shit, & Sleep Music"
Lenny-Lenn - "Grindin"                                     
Joe D - "Not Your Average Joe"                                                                 
James Ray - "Mile High Streets vol 1"

Download all the albums here.

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