MP3 Freeloader: More free dubstep from Alert

Local dubstep producer Alert is re-releasing his July 2007 release Dark Heart as a free, 320 kbps MP3 download. The two-track EP finds Alert emphasizing the dub in dubstep, especially the second track "Creepsville," which could almost pass as a minimal, stripped and slowed-down slab of old-school Jamaican studio magic (well, apart from the rhythms, anyway). But it's the A-side, "Nightwatcher" that really shines here. A beat that sounds like the ghost of drum and bass past, warped vocal samples, shards of piano, a rubber-band bassline and a spooky synth melody add up to a dark, smoky freak-out of a track. Download Alert's Dark Heart EP. Act fast, the link is only good for 500 downloads or two weeks, whichever comes first.


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