MP3 Freeloader: P-Nuckle CD release at tonight at Gothic Theatre

Since releasing its last album, Resident 303, in October 2006, P-Nuckle has undergone several significant lineup changes. Rather than losing momentum, however, the guys kept their heads down and continued gigging relentlessly, forging ahead with new material. Three years later, the outfit has emerged with a brand new album, Stand Up and Bitch, which will be released this evening at the Gothic Theatre. Recorded and produced by the band in its Revolution Sound Lab studio over the course of three years, the fourteen-track disc was mastered by Dominick Maita at Airshow Mastering and contains P-Nuckle's best work to date, promises frontman Chris LaPlante. "The recording process allowed us to really bond as a band," says LaPlante, "in a way that is stronger then ever before. We are doing things with a sense of community now, and mentorship for each other, rather than one member making all the choices, or fighting about it. We created what I think is a platform for personal thought that's positive, uplifting, happy, loving and mouthy all at the same time. It is our best work yet because we are a better band then we have ever been, and we are ready for where that takes us." Download "Love to Love Her" after the jump.

Download "Love to Love Her" by P-Nuckle

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