MP3 Freeloader: The Battleship Agenda, tonight at The Bluebird

As the scene continues to expand into new genres, we'll openly see areas of focus becoming saturated as they becomes popular. Dance rock? Check. Synth rock? Check. Butt rock...well no, but any takers? While we haven't reached critical mass yet with female fronted bands, we have noticed an influx of women stepping to the forefront, showing they can rock just as much as the dudes can, sometimes harder.

Case in point, the Battleship Agenda. The guitar riffs are catchy, the breaking points create the needed intensity and the vocals hold a mild-rasp of innocence, compliments of Kat Barnes, a one time singer for Random Hero. Imagine a finely tuned composite of Pat Benatar and Fefe Dobson (wow, what happened to her?) tackling post-punk inspired themes. With that formula on the table it would be hard to not expect a few ballads in the future.

Only seconds old compared to other established acts in the area, the Battleship Agenda has managed to sneak its way into some influential positions. While the act didn't win Area 93.3's contest to perform at the Big Gig, it did manage to break into the top ten and were voted on along side a meaty pot luck of players. Tonight also marks their very first show in which the young outfit has been thrown into a position to open for an act of the caliber of Unwritten Law.

Unsurprisingly, the Battleship Agenda's debut, an EP titled Sound The Sirens, was recorded at the Blasting Room with the help of Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore (natch). Because we love you, here's a free track from the record to help you get you stoked for the show tonight.

Download "Broken Glass" by The Battleship Agenda

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.